How to Take Amazing Food Photos

25 Jul

How to Take Amazing Food Photos


What is one thing that can be amazing looking in pictures? One of people’s favorite subject is food and food presented well should not go by undetected. It is okay to just take photos of food for reference without thinking about the elements that can make food great but if you plant to post your photos, there are certain elements that you have to know so that your photos will look amazing.

Taking videos of food also come with some rules that are similar to taking pictures of the food that you are going to post. Using a professional camcorder like Canon-xh-a1s will play a huge factor on how great the video is going to turn out. It may take time before you understand how to use the camcorder properly but by reading the manual and finding out some tips, you will be taking photos and videos of food amazingly in no time.

How to Take Amazing Food Photos

  1. Take photos or videos of the food under natural light.

If you want to create beautiful photos, you need to make sure that light is available. You can always turn on your artificial light but natural light is still the best. This will lessen the possibility of casting an ugly light colour on your food. You want to make the colours of the food as appropriate and accurate to real life as possible. The more realistic the food appears to be, the more beautiful it would look in photos and videos.

  1. Avoid shooting under bright sun.

Having natural light is great but too much of it can also cause problems with how your food looks like. Do not place your food under direct sunlight. Allow natural light to come in through your window and you will be surprised with how good your photos look through your photos or video.

  1. The background is important.

If you want to have food that will look amazing, make sure that it is not overpowered by your background. Try to keep your background as neutral as possible so that the colours of the food will stand out. Remember that the background does not have to be completely plain but it should be safe enough to make your food stand out.

  1. Choose harmonious colours.

There are a lot of foods that look amazing in person but by the time that you take photos or a video, the food does not look as good as you wanted them to look. Find colours that complement each other and always take photos or videos from above as this will always give the best view. Shooting from above can emphasize the food’s features that make you want to take a photo or video of it in the first place.

  1. Make sure that food is arranged neatly.

If your food is arranged neatly, then your photo and video will look clean and neat. It will be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and you do not need to edit too much just to make the photos or the video presentable.

With the right subject and these tips, you will have amazing photos and videos of the food you eat from various places.