Ensure Your Smoke Alarms Are Working In Your House When Cooking

cooking 6 May

Ensure Your Smoke Alarms Are Working In Your House When Cooking


Who really thinks about their smoke or fire alarms when cooking? Unfortunately for many people, their alarms come last in a list of things to check in their house. It seems strange because you would think the alarms would be the first thing to look at but in truth everything seems to think they’re one hundred percent reliable. However, alarms can fail in one way or another. If they run with batteries, they could fail and what if they don’t sound indicating the batteries are low? That is why it has become a must to ensure all alarms are working before cooking. learn more detailed information at http://www.lynseylovesfood.com/adding-a-pizza-oven-to-your-kitchen/

Always Test Before Cooking

Too many cooks believe it’s better to keep the smoke alarms off whilst cooking so that they aren’t to be disturbed by a cloud of smoke hitting them suddenly. However, that is really quite dangerous because while you might not have any issues during cooking, what about after? You could forget to replace the batteries and something can go wrong. Every smoke alarm should be tested so that you are one hundred percent sure they’re working whether you’re cooking or otherwise. Always test before cooking, it might just save your life.

Ensure the Alarm Isn’t Too Sensitive

If you have sensitive smoke alarms you may have some trouble whilst cooking. Remember, even a small plume of smoke can disrupt a sensitive alarm so when you’re dealing with these; you have to be extra cautious. Never turn off the alarms, instead, be more cautious and have a tea towel on hand to shoo away any smoke hovering near the smoke alarm. A lot of people are tempted to switch the smoke alarms off whilst cooking to avoid any issues but this isn’t a smart idea. You could actually leave the cooker on, leave the room and a fire could break out, even if you’re only away a few moments. Fires start in a blink of an eye so be extra cautious. get full information straight from the source.

Does It Matter If Your Alarms Aren’t Working?


Let’s say you tested your smoke alarms and found one or two of them weren’t working, does that mean you should stop cooking? Can’t you just leave them until later to deal with them? NO! You should never cook when the fire alarms are not working. It’s vastly dangerous and puts yourself and the entire household at risk. The trouble is, no matter how careful or cautious you are with cooking, one spark sets everything off. If you don’t have the alarms you can easily get into a lot of trouble and it’s actually a good idea to have these working at all times. When you find the smoke alarms aren’t working, change the battery or call the necessary authorities for some guidance. It can save your life.

Always Test and Stay Safe

Smoke alarms may one day save your life. You might think they’re a bit of a pain when cooking but in reality they are a life-saver and should be used fully. Before cooking, it is wise to ensure they are fully working so if something does go wrong, they are on hand to help. Taking just five or so minutes to test the alarms will be very important and could avoid disaster also.