How to Take Amazing Food Photos

25 Jul

How to Take Amazing Food Photos

What is one thing that can be amazing looking in pictures? One of people’s favorite subject is food and food presented well should not go by undetected. It is okay to just take photos of food for reference without thinking about the elements that can make food great but if you plant to post your photos, there are certain elements that you have to know so that your photos will look amazing.

Taking videos of food also come with some rules that are similar to taking pictures of the food that you are going to post. Using a professional camcorder like Canon-xh-a1s will play a huge factor on how great the video is going to turn out. It may take time before you understand how to use the camcorder properly but by reading the manual and finding out some tips, you will be taking photos and videos of food amazingly in no time.

How to Take Amazing Food Photos

  1. Take photos or videos of the food under natural light.

If you want to create beautiful photos, you need to make sure that light is available. You can always turn on your artificial light but natural light is still the best. This will lessen the possibility of casting an ugly light colour on your food. You want to make the colours of the food as appropriate and accurate to real life as possible. The more realistic the food appears to be, the more beautiful it would look in photos and videos.

  1. Avoid shooting under bright sun.

Having natural light is great but too much of it can also cause problems with how your food looks like. Do not place your food under direct sunlight. Allow natural light to come in through your window and you will be surprised with how good your photos look through your photos or video.

  1. The background is important.

If you want to have food that will look amazing, make sure that it is not overpowered by your background. Try to keep your background as neutral as possible so that the colours of the food will stand out. Remember that the background does not have to be completely plain but it should be safe enough to make your food stand out.

  1. Choose harmonious colours.

There are a lot of foods that look amazing in person but by the time that you take photos or a video, the food does not look as good as you wanted them to look. Find colours that complement each other and always take photos or videos from above as this will always give the best view. Shooting from above can emphasize the food’s features that make you want to take a photo or video of it in the first place.

  1. Make sure that food is arranged neatly.

If your food is arranged neatly, then your photo and video will look clean and neat. It will be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and you do not need to edit too much just to make the photos or the video presentable.

With the right subject and these tips, you will have amazing photos and videos of the food you eat from various places.

food preparation 6 May

Must Haves in the Kitchen

Renovating or redesigning a kitchen can be a great thing for most modern homes. When you redesign, you can ensure you get the full space available and that the kitchen becomes far more modern as well. In this day and age, modern is what most homes require so it’s a necessity to ensure you get more value for money. However, which items are must-haves in today’s modern kitchens? Read on to find a few things you may need in your modern kitchen.

A Modern Gas Oven

Electric cookers are lovely; they can work nicely but they can often be difficult to work with. Also, electric cookers can be temperamental at times which are why gas is the ideal choice for most modern kitchens. With gas ovens you can ensure the food is cooked evenly and far quicker which is a necessity for most modern homes. What is more, the built-in gas ovens can save a lot of space within the actual kitchen so you can enjoy the full space available.

Double Bowl Sink

A lot of people don’t think too much about sinks and faucets when it comes to their kitchens and yet they can truly be vastly important. Having a single bowl sink is good but double bowl sinks are better. The reason why is simply because you have more space available when it comes to washing up and even when preparing food. You can have one part of the sink for washing dishes and the second part preparing vegetables. It’s far more convenient.

Suitable Lighting

We aren’t just talking about regular lighting, we are talking about under unit lighting. When you have cupboards you could actually look at installing simple lights underneath. This would give you a chance to ensure the kitchen receives sufficient lighting during the winter months as well. More natural lights are needed but sometimes it’s not always easy which are why additional lights are must-haves. They will save a lot of money doing this.

Built-In Storage

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If you’re spending a lot of money redesigning a kitchen, it may be wise to spend more in order to get built-in storage. Now, having this available to you will actually save a lot of space, especially in compact kitchens. You will be able to fit more in without overcrowding and that can be crucial in so many ways. Also, it will make your kitchen less full-up in a sense so it will add more value. You should be able to have ample amount of space now. get updated, visit out source at

Make Your Kitchen Modern

Anyone can design a kitchen but crafting it so it focuses more so on family life is important. In today’s fast moving world, having a modern and easy-to-use kitchen is a must-have. The above are just a handful of important must-have extras in the kitchen. You should look into these closely and they really can be extremely useful to say the least. There are so many amazing reasons to add simple extras to your kitchen and you will benefit from them also. It will save time and money for you later on.

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Ensure Your Smoke Alarms Are Working In Your House When Cooking

Who really thinks about their smoke or fire alarms when cooking? Unfortunately for many people, their alarms come last in a list of things to check in their house. It seems strange because you would think the alarms would be the first thing to look at but in truth everything seems to think they’re one hundred percent reliable. However, alarms can fail in one way or another. If they run with batteries, they could fail and what if they don’t sound indicating the batteries are low? That is why it has become a must to ensure all alarms are working before cooking. learn more detailed information at

Always Test Before Cooking

Too many cooks believe it’s better to keep the smoke alarms off whilst cooking so that they aren’t to be disturbed by a cloud of smoke hitting them suddenly. However, that is really quite dangerous because while you might not have any issues during cooking, what about after? You could forget to replace the batteries and something can go wrong. Every smoke alarm should be tested so that you are one hundred percent sure they’re working whether you’re cooking or otherwise. Always test before cooking, it might just save your life.

Ensure the Alarm Isn’t Too Sensitive

If you have sensitive smoke alarms you may have some trouble whilst cooking. Remember, even a small plume of smoke can disrupt a sensitive alarm so when you’re dealing with these; you have to be extra cautious. Never turn off the alarms, instead, be more cautious and have a tea towel on hand to shoo away any smoke hovering near the smoke alarm. A lot of people are tempted to switch the smoke alarms off whilst cooking to avoid any issues but this isn’t a smart idea. You could actually leave the cooker on, leave the room and a fire could break out, even if you’re only away a few moments. Fires start in a blink of an eye so be extra cautious. get full information straight from the source.

Does It Matter If Your Alarms Aren’t Working?


Let’s say you tested your smoke alarms and found one or two of them weren’t working, does that mean you should stop cooking? Can’t you just leave them until later to deal with them? NO! You should never cook when the fire alarms are not working. It’s vastly dangerous and puts yourself and the entire household at risk. The trouble is, no matter how careful or cautious you are with cooking, one spark sets everything off. If you don’t have the alarms you can easily get into a lot of trouble and it’s actually a good idea to have these working at all times. When you find the smoke alarms aren’t working, change the battery or call the necessary authorities for some guidance. It can save your life.

Always Test and Stay Safe

Smoke alarms may one day save your life. You might think they’re a bit of a pain when cooking but in reality they are a life-saver and should be used fully. Before cooking, it is wise to ensure they are fully working so if something does go wrong, they are on hand to help. Taking just five or so minutes to test the alarms will be very important and could avoid disaster also.

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Adding a Pizza Oven to Your Kitchen

Creating delicious pizzas at home is a real winner for most families and it’s a simple way to make a wonderful and tasty dish at home. For most people today, they like the idea of adding a pizza oven to their kitchen. Now that might sound odd and extremely costly but it can actually be easy to install and not too expensive either. However, should you add a pizza oven to your kitchen and if so, why? Will it really add anything to your home? visit her latest blog post for more details.

How Often Do You Plan On Using It?

Are you a big pizza lover? Are you going to be using the pizza oven on a daily basis? If you actually plan to make a lot of homemade pizzas and on a regular basis then adding a pizza oven to your kitchen can be a wonderful idea. These ovens are big but really quite effective and they can offer your home more versatility. However, be wary that while you might like the idea of the pizza oven now, it can soon wear off. Ensure this is something that’s going to be used rather than just a fancy addition.

Can It Add Any More Value To Your Home Overall?

To be honest, pizza ovens are great and they really can allow you to change the way you eat pizza. They can be far healthier and less costly than buying from a local take-away shop. However, is this really going to be a greatly used item? That is the real question because while it may look nice in the home, it can become an expensive ornament. If you are going to use the oven all the time then that’s great and it should be added simply because it’ll pay for itself in the long-term. However, if you don’t eat a lot of pizza, it may not really add any value. For those planning to sell it can be a real hit too as many buyers may be drawn to this item; then again, not every buyer will find it appealing. It’s a hit-and-miss.

Is It Too Costly For Little Results?

For those who plan to install the oven themselves, they will find it can be pretty tricky and usually a professional is needed. However, in terms of costs, it can seem very high but if you are someone who uses this often, it’ll even itself out. If you can find someone who is able to install the pizza oven for little cost, it’s a great addition. Again, it’s going to come down to how much you are happy to spend and what is available. Sometimes, it can be a worthy investment if you plan to use it quite a lot. need more information? go to

Should You Add A Pizza Oven?


Large kitchens can absolutely benefit from the pizza ovens as they can become the focal piece and it’s something to get people talking as well. However, if your kitchen is pretty small and cramped, there certainly isn’t going to be enough room to fit one of these in. you might like the idea of a pizza oven but if it’s too big for the space you’re working with, you may have to change your plans. Sometimes, less is more.

Make Your Kitchen a Modern Work of Wonder

Everyone wants to have the perfect kitchen and installing a pizza oven can seem like such a great idea too but is it realistic? Well, it depends on the type of home you have and how often it’s going to be used. If you are someone who uses the ovens a lot then you’ll get value for money but if not, it can seem like a big waste. For those who plan to install a pizza oven, enjoy it and you’ll love the taste of freshly made homemade pizzas.